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Opportunities with L.H.S.

At L.H.S. we firmly believe in the power of great sports coaches. Our ambition to inspire a love of sport in all young people can only be achieved by harnessing the skills of passionate, enthusiastic, hard working coaches who share such an outlook. If this sounds like you, we'd like to hear from you. 

Though we do have standard requirements & qualification levels needed to join the team, there is one quality that we consistently look for when filling a position - personality. We've been in the industry long enough to understand that coaches can be qualified on paper, but still lack the ability to engage and motivate at a fundamental level. To us, the ability to empathise, encourage, inspire, act silly (and even laugh at yourself on occasion) is just as important as any qualification. We look for those rare individuals who can balance all of the above - because that's what it takes to truly be a great youth sports coach. 

We promise our coaches a few things:

- Competitive hourly rates.

- Great working conditions.

- Unwavering support.

- Opportunity for progression.

- Constant availability of training.

- Helpful resources and guides.

- & Much more!

Contact us today for information about our current vacancies.