LHS Athletes


The Youth of Today!

At LHS we cater for all age ranges and abilities - but it's pretty obvious that our main audience is young people. We educate children as young as 3 years old in a variety of fun and exciting sports. Girls and boys, with little or lots of sporting experience, our goal is to make high quality, inclusive sports accessible and welcoming to all. 


The Big Kids!

We believe sport is for everyone, it's an international language that spans both distance and time. And, it's becoming more and more important in the tech obsessed, convenient world we now live in. Fitness an physical activity is essential to a balanced, healthy lifestyle, which is why one of our goals is to engage grown up players who may have fallen away from playing sport for a veriety of reasons. To create opportunity for non-competitive, non-confrontational play, allowing adults the chance to get back to the sports field in a friendly, social environment.

Ultimately LHS is for everyone!

Young or old, fitness orientated or trying to get in shape, confident or a little shy, our coaches will work with each participant's level of comfort and ability to ensure everyone has the opportunity to succeed, build confidence and ultimately fall in love with sport!